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        Spurred by the rapid growth of the electronic marketplace, there has been a burgeoning interest in applying AI techniques to the design of autonomous agents that can serve as surrogates for human business decision-makers. In an open e-market environment a software agent acting on behalf of its principal may meet another software agent, or a human agent with which (or whom) it has to negotiate. In such situations, one might want the software agent to be equipped not only with sophisticated intelligence but also with the kind of artful skills that can enable advantageous negotiation strategies to be used with the human counterpart. To this end, one might seek to design into the agent some of the psychological processes underlying successful persuasion in humans. In general, if we are to do a good job of modeling successful human negotiation and thus of enhancing the utility of computer agents in social interactions, we need to know more about  the strategies that humans use, and the conditions under which they are and are not effective.

        This two-day interdisciplinary symposium will comprise public talks by a panel of distinguished computer scientists, social psychologists, and communications experts, followed by a discussion panel at the end of the second day. The programme (download PDF) will cover a wide range of key issues from both the computer science and psychological perspectives.

  • Dates and Venue

This two-day event will be open to the public.

Date: Tue, 9 June 2009 - Wed, 10 June 2009

Venue: Level 4, Breakthrough Theatrette
   Matrix @ Biopolis
   30 Biopolis Street, Singapore S138671

   0900hrs - 0915hrs (Day 1)
   0900hrs - 0915hrs (Day 2)

Getting There:
Nearest MRT Station:  Buona Vista
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  • Programme Outline

The symposium comprises a series of public lectures by our guest speakers spread over the two days. On the second day, it will be concluded with a panel discussion. 

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  • Online Registration

Online registration system for this symposium is currently open (1 May to 30 May).

  • Organizers

This symposium is organized by:
Computational Cognition for Social Systems (CCSS),
Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC),
Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC),
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)


  • Invited Speakers

The speakers are world renowned experts specializing in the development of psychological and computational models of the processes involved in persuasion and negotiation.


General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact

Ms. Bernice KHOO               Email:

For research/technical content of the symposium, you may contact:

Dr. Michelle SEE                  Email:

Dr. Yinping YANG                 Email:


Past Event

April 14-15, 2009 Social Interaction in Virtual World